Below some realized projects are presented. For confidentiality reasons descriptions are abstracted. On-site operations were made next to Germany in the following countries: France, Sweden, Finland, Croatia, Turkey, Israel, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Hongkong, Australia, Netherlands, Spain, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Iceland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Italy, Romania, Belgium.

1. Supervision of installation and commissioning of tunnel ventilation

In several street tunnels supervision of installation and commissioning of jet and axial fans was made, including vibration and performance measurements. Partly, operational staff has been trained for operation and maintenance of fans.

2. Vibration analyses of centrifugal fans and feed water pumps

Prior to a scheduled plant shutdown vibration analyses of centrifugal fans and feed water pumps were made. These were used to evaluate machine condition, especially of bearings and defining and planning of necessary actions.

3. Appraisal of oil data and deposits
During bearing inspection at a steam turbine, severe oil deposits were found. For appraisal of the situation and if probably an oil problem is present detailed analysis of available oil data and findings at bearings was made.

4. Trouble shooting at a centrifugal fan

During commissioning of a centrifugal fan, the specified operational point could not be achieved. Analysis of the system, including supporting measurements, identified strongly disturbed inflow, caused by a poor system layout as root cause. For improvement of the situation system modifications were suggested. These were implemented by the customer and gave the expected effect.

5. Endoscopic inspections

Endoscopic inspections were made at steam turbines and gears in Germany and abroad. Measures were made at revision works and trouble shooting actions respectively.

 6. Vibration analysis of vessel main engine

Vibrational condition of the main engine was determined by offline vibration measurement. Analysis and evaluating of the results were made according to ISO 10816-6.

7. Vibration measurement at aero engines

During test cell measurements vibrations of aero engines were recorded and analysed.

8. Engineering of measurement instrumentation

Engineering of measurement instrumentation was made for a mobile application within Aerospace sector. This included specification and selection of appropriate components (sensors, data aquisition, cabling), design and production of a customized battery system, as well as commissioning and supervision of the system during flight testing.

9. Vibration data analysis
For a customer analysis of existing offline vibration data was made, which originated from a steam turbine with increased vibration levels. Results gave hints of problems within one of the bearings. During recommended bearing inspection severe wear of babbitt surfaces was found.

10. Measurement of structure-born and airborn noise

Measurements of structure-born and airborn noise, as well as actions to reduce noise levels (field balancing, belt drive optimization) were made at several HVAC systems for ships.

11. Field balancing

Field balancing was made at several axial and radial fans as well as at small steam turbines in Germany and abroad.

12. Modal analysis

Modal analysis was made at a new developed industrial machine to identify natural frequencies as well as corresponding vibrational modes.

13. Damage analysis of an axial fan
Within low operational time an axial flue gas fan had several failures of bearings. On behalf of the customer a detailed analysis of occured damages and failure history was made. Several weak points could be identified, e. g. fan operation mode and concrete actions were recommended. Meanwhile the fan is operating troublefree a fairly long time.